Monday, September 21, 2009

School daze

What a overused title! I am working out our school plan. We are doing so well in school this year--positively our best year ever! I want to figure out our coming years. I have some choices about keeping the kids on the same program or splitting them up. I want Max to make it through all the Sonlight levels because I like them so much. I want him well equipped for college, and I think Sonlight's lessons can do that.

Having them both in one course has made everything so much more streamlined and I wonder if splitting them to get Max back on track (he is in 5th grade doing level 2 again this year) will put us back on the frantic pace we've been on in the past.

I could just keep Max on Madi's pace, and keep up an accelerated pace because it would be so easy--Max would finish at 18 and Madi at 16. OR I could do level 5 next year with both of them. It would be very challenging for Madi, but because they would be doing the same thing, I would have tons of extra time to give to her to help her through. OR I could put Madi in 3 and Max in 6. That would put both of them more or less on track, but would have them on totally different lessons, nearly doubling the length of the school day.

Decisions, decisions...

I am leaning to doing level 5. I think we will be starting the new year long before Katie finishes hers and she has my level 3! That may be the biggest factor after all!

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