Monday, May 23, 2011

Closing Ceremonies

Today Club PALS is over.  I really love Club PALS.  With my unconventional views on church, I can easily become lonely and frustrated.  Much of what Club PALS offers satiates the hunger I have for true body life.  Whichever families are placed in my group are families for whom I grow to love.  I feel a responsibility and I pray for each one all through the week.  That can only result in love, right?  At least that is my experience.

This session was a month longer than sessions past, which gave me even more time to grow attached and invested in them.  I am truly humbled that these busy ladies allow Club PALS into their weekly scheduled.  There are so many established programs out there like AWANA, scouts, sports and charter school classes.  It isn’t easy to compete with all of that.  So when a family chooses to opt in to Club PALS, I feel a deep desire to make it worth their while. 

I want them to be confident in the academic instruction their children are receiving.  After all, if there wasn’t that component, many wouldn’t feel their time was justified.  But my driving motivation is to feed the hearts and souls of the kids and parents. 

This component is far more important to me than anything else.  But so many families don’t feel free to take the time to nurture relationships or spirits.  There are no check boxes, so I guess it seems wrong to spend precious hours on something that can’t be quantified.

But now it is ended.  Summer is around the bend, and families will begin the flurry of vacations.  I need to get writing Cheerfulness for Autumn and see what the Lord with do with that!

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