Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ava!

Today is our little puppy’s first birthday.  My kids are excited to celebrate.  I am not sure what we will do just yet.  My darling husband will come home at 2 after working through the night, so I imagine sleep is on the agenda.

This little Beagle has been a blessing and a challenge to our family since we got her around November.  She is the best cuddler ever.  She gets right in close and just loves with her whole body.  She is our older dogs faithful companion.  I don’t know what either would do now without the other. 

But Ava has a dark side.  She is stubborn in a way our first stubborn Beagle can’t even compare.  She can’t really be called potty trained.  And she still chews our shoes.  A couple of times we were pretty sure that beloved Ava wasn’t going to survive in this home.  But just as we would lose hope, she would seem to get herself together and become a cherished little darling.

I had no idea going from a one-dog-family to a two-dog-family would be such a roller coaster for us, emotionally and…what is the right word…materially?

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