Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here we Go!

We have got a very exciting week in store.  Contrary to our normal ways of doing things, my family will be splitting up to do some it.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, we head to my dad’s house, who lives right between my sister’s place and mine.  She will be making her way to Dad’s with her kids, as well.  My husband will drop the kids and I off and return home to the dogs and work.

My sister and our kids will spend the night at our dad’s.  Early Thursday morning my dad, his wife, and the two oldest boys will road trip their way to southern California for an astronomer’s convention.  I am dealing with a bagful of issues ranging from momma bear to memories with my dad from my own pre-teen years.  This is a real test for me and I struggle daily to put my boy in my faithful Daddy-God’s hands.

Meanwhile, the rest of us at the house will spend the day and another night being girls, plus my youngest nephew.  Friday after work, my sister will go back to her place and my husband will fetch our daughter and I.  To continue to give our girl special time in the absence of her brother, a cherished friend is going to give her a sewing lesson on Saturday. 

Monday, we will join up with another set of cherished friends and drive to my sister’s place to spend a couple of nights.  At some point we will collect the two boys from star camp.  My husband will tour the fire camp there for work and the rest of us will just hang out.  We come home Wednesday.  Phew!!

Pretty exciting, huh?

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