Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Day of Instruction

So sad!  Yesterday was the last day of instruction for our Club PALS class on Awareness.  This has been a richly wonderful group and I am so sad for it to end.  The connections made were such a blessing to me.  There were five families participating, though we never got all five together after the first week.  That sounds like it could be a bad thing, but the rotation of missing people worked so that everyone saw everyone else with enough regularity to establish a good relationship.

The conversations with the kids during circle time blessed me personally as we discussed God’s laws v. man’s laws, showing love for one another in practical ways, respecting differences while standing strong on Truth, developing skills in discretion and integrity …and so much more!  I love hearing them process and build off of one another’s contributions.  I think I will be missing circle time the most. 

We also got some good singing time in, with a focus on rounds and harmony—to develop our ability to be aware.  It was fun watching the kids and even the parents become more confident when singing different parts.  Our corporate prayer time was another area of growth.  We began praying for one another, which drew some children who often opted out of praying aloud to speak up in the group on behalf of a friend.  This demonstration of a soft heart for one another was really neat.

Plus we got to do all the centers.  PE is always fun.  Science was cool as it explored senses in greater depth than the traditional cursory look.  Art also followed a path of teaching elements and techniques for effective self expression.  Language had some surprisingly popular activities, even among those children who are famously-non-writers. 

Next week is our closing party.  I am so looking forward to it, yet also so sad that it marks the end of this remarkable time with wonderful ladies and their children.

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