Monday, December 21, 2009

Long Night

Man, last night was soooooo long! Brian tossed and turned. Once he came back to bed--I hadn't known he was gone. Then he began snoring--like I have NEVER heard before! And Brian regularly wakes me with his snoring. This was different. I almost laughed, but I was too tired to. I took mercy, remembering the sleeplessness he'd had earlier in the night and spared him my usual 'quick kick.' Instead, to our puppy's delight, I got in my son's bed--he usually is on the floor.

Dog thought it was play time with Mommy in a new bed, so I didn't sleep really well, but at least the snoring was less noticeable with two closed doors between us.

What I really wanted to write about was my dream. I feel like I lived a lifetime in my dream last night. And now I can only remember images. I can't believe it! It was so real and vivid, I didn't think it possible to forget and it is fading away!

Dh woke me when he left for work, and I got back into my own bed after taking the dog out for the third time that night (she never gets up in the night anymore! And she wasn't going potty; she was going for a run!). I was so foggy in my dream, things blended and I kept getting confused about where I was, what time it was, WHO I was (Geri!! I just remembered that. My name was Geri!)...

Kids came in bed with me. I still couldn't get lucid. It took forever to shake myself up and then I woke with a KILLER headache.

It's like I was on drugs, huh??

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