Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nice Day

I had a nice day today. I started out thinking we would have friends over. That didn't work out, so I told the very disappointed kids that we would school instead--who wants to do school after thinking you were going to play with friends all morning?

Then I thought we would get together with the church this evening--the kids are really wanting that, as well. But dh worked ot (PTL!!!), so we bowed out of that meeting.

The day started with wiping plans clean and doing different things. Not always a good thing if you are counting on the former plans. But today was really nice, since we rolled with the punches.

Different friends came over to hand out awhile, we watched Babe and ate marshmallow popcorn. No fuss about making dinner, or bread, or cleaning. lol I did clean, but not out of pressure, which makes the job easier. I got cuddle time with the kids and now I am off to read Bartholomew's Passage to the kids. My girl is such a daddy's girl and is missing her Daddy so very much.

Thank you, Lord, for days you plan. Thank you for warm fires, sweet treats, and people who make movies about you and your love. Amen.

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