Monday, January 25, 2010

Big, Fat Snowflakes

I am looking out my window and chatting with my sis about the beautiful honkin' snowflakes coming down. I just love it. I told Diane about it and she asked what makes them fat. I guessed a higher water content.
She looked it up and found that it is temp and water content. She read more and more about it and it was neat hearing about the nature of snow and snowflakes.

One of the things that made me laugh was that it discussed snowflake counts. Some snow storms have more snowflakes than others. When the temperature is cold, the flakes a smaller and there are more of them. When it is warmer, there is more water and the water in the flakes attract each other and bind into larger flakes. So, some storms have more flakes than others.

The question I have is who is counting flakes?? LOL I thought that was so funny. We measure inches, but I haven't ever thought about measuring by the number of actual flakes that fall. He he... So funny to me. 'It snowed all day, but we didn't get a lot of flakes.' What?

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