Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am feeling cruddy! I spent the day in bed yesterday. Happily floating on prayers and day dreams. Not sleepy, not sleeping, not reading, not much of anything... I am not sure I have ever done that before--or at least not for as long as I pulled it off yesterday!! I got up at eight, handled KidsROCK business for two hours--a limit I set for myself, pat on the back!!

Then I went to bed. I brought a book, read a page, and felt like I would prefer spending time with the Lord directly. SO I prayed. About everyone, everything. Just chatted. Then implored. Then rested quietly in His Holy Presence.

Then I day-dreamed. That is so stinking fun! And inspiring. I guess I needed a little inspiration, too. A reason to keep trudging. Daydreaming helps me rise above details and frustrations to see the bigger picture and my original goals or motivations; it keeps me going, reminding me why I am even bothering with details and frustrations. :)

When I would get up, I would be cold. Or my stomach would ache. Or something less definable would pull me back to bed. Then I would be fine. Ecstatically fine.

Today, sadly, I am feeling the same way. Slow and achy and uninspired. But only one day of self indulgence is really affordable. Brian is back to work, and will be home early. We must school. My dad is coming this afternoon--I did stay up late last night to sweep, laundry, kitchen, dishes, etc. I need to get the fire lit.

Lord, thank you for giving me a day to rest on the Rock of my salvation. Thank you for being my strong tower, the Great Physician--the original holistic Healer. Please restore in my body and spirit inspiration and strength for life so that I may pour into my kids and home your all-infusing love.

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