Sunday, January 24, 2010


I was spending Mommy and Me time with my princess girl yesterday and she asked me a question.
"How was KidsROCK for you, Mommy?" I told to to please ask me in a different way so that I could understand what she wanted to know. She said she couldn't think of a different way to ask, so I said, 'OK, just tell me how is KidsROCK for you.' Then she began to describe her day in Club PALS the morning before.
Understanding, I told her how things went for me.
Then I asked how KidsROCK was--letting her know that it is bigger than Club PALS.

I enjoyed her answer and enjoyed the topic, but more than that, I was so impressed with her thoughtfulness and maturity to know that we can attend the same event, but that it will be a different experience for different people. And she cared enough to wonder and ask about how it is for someone she loves! Very neat.

As she talked, she mentioned that she had asked a new friend of ours (moved from Alaska less than two weeks ago) what it is like to move. She told her friend that she hasn't ever moved and wanted to know how it was. Talking about her new friend's answer, she was moved to silence as pondered leaving friends, toys in 'the mail,' and not knowing anyone in the new place.

Once again, I was surprised and pleased with the depth of her character. This is my girl who once could contentedly play next to a screaming child. I used to worry if her heart were terminally hard. It is neat to see this development. She is so very precious to me.

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