Sunday, January 17, 2010

A good life lesson

Yesterday when we woke up, my girl told me that last month when we went to the Pizza Factory tour and got to make our own pizzas behind that counter that she was really wanting to fit in. She said she had seen many of the other kids add several toppings to their pizza and thought that, even though she only wanted olives, that she should add more just to fit in. She added pepperoni and Canadian bacon (not even knowing what it was).
Later, when all the kids were eating their handiwork, she saw a good friend had only pineapple on her pizza. My girl was disappointed that she had added the extra toppings because she really only wanted olives. She picked off the meat but said she wished she had been brave like her friend had been.

That is a pretty good lesson, huh? She is slow to process. It is crazy that it takes almost two months for her to share the secrets of her heart with me. I worry about what I am missing.

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