Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is it wrong?

We had some storms come through that left us with power going off and on for three days. During the longest stretch without, I began what I normally do on the inside out loud: dreaming about a KidsROCK building.
I included the kids in it. We would have our own sources of power, so we could be open to our members during blackouts. They can come to play, eat, shower, do laundry and stay warm. So much more fun than being without all that indefinitely.
The next day Madi came and asked how I would feel if she and Max grew up, got married (to different people) and had kids but never moved out. I said I would really like a bigger house! Then I said that if we had property like Aunt Katie does, we could have three houses on it and be neighbors. Then we could have the KR building on the property, too and they could be partners in running it!!

This idea only had just come to me, and it excited me to a ridiculous level. Madi liked it and talked about how she could run a big garden on the property--teaching others to garden, plus making pretty walks for people who wanted to wander and be with God and a cup of coffee. She wants to train dogs, and teach others to do that. She wants to teach dance, and of course, homeschool her kids. So she said that way she could do all that she wanted to do and still be a stay at home mom!!

Of course, I think it is a brilliant idea. She ran to tell Max, and he was on board about teaching kids how to act for his movies, teaching about computers and how to make movies on the computer...

Is this wrong??? LOL I love it so much, it very well might be! But there is a tradition of family businesses that is older than our nation. But our nation's spirit has often taught children of family businesses to seek themselves separate of families. I know my nation's spirit isn't as important as my God's, but even with that, I am not sure this is right. It is fulfilling my dream.

I want to make KidsROCK something really special, and eventually a one-stop resource for homeschoolers. I can't do that now. I am homeschooling. I mean, right now we have about 10 things on back burners because we just can't prioritize it over family. I am content and confident we are right to move slowly.

But when the kids are grown, I would love to grow this into something more than it is now. I will have time then. But will I care? Is this just a season in my life, and when the kids are gone, will I be done? I hope not. And if my kids returned and benefited from what I did, then I would still be in with both feet. If my son and son in law were able to make a living by staying close to family and promoting a family centered lifestyle, how cool would that be???

But, it is my dream. I can't even say it is Brian's. While I know I can convince my kids that it would be cool, would I be robbing them of their own paths? Or is that hokum? American-look-out-for-number-one crap? I don't know.

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