Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My husband is my hero.  You know when people first fall in love and they are intolerably cutesy?  At that stage of our relationship we gave one another nicknames.  I am Sweet Pea (nice to meet you).  And my husband is my Hero.  We still use these names routinely and exclusively for one another.  It helps us remember the fiery obsessive love we had at the beginning of our time together, and allows us to carry some of that into our forever.

They say words are powerful.  In this case, I must agree and go further to say that my husband’s moniker was prophetic.  He is such a man!  A real man who seeks God with abandon, loves me with passion and raises his children with tenderness and wisdom.  He has a work ethic that centers around respect and integrity.  He is generous to friends.  He is a man and I love him for it. 

This week has presented two major incidences that have served as worthy reminders of just how crazy awesome my husband is.  The first was more private and painful and I can’t really talk much about it here.  But the point is that my husband stepped between me and someone who threatened me.  He put an end to it, even with me shivering behind him whispering doubts at him.  He protected me, fully, even from myself. 

The second was when a neighbor who has never spoken to us before hollered across the street something, as my grandma used to say, sour-castic about our dogs.  My husband didn’t understand him at first and needed the man to repeat himself.  Then he was taken aback so much that he just sort of laughed and came inside.  We were unloading groceries at the time, so when he finished my husband slipped on his shoes to walk over and have a conversation with the man. 

Can I just say, ‘hamina hamina!”?  How sexy is that?  A man so calm and unafraid, respectful and loving in his actions, handling problems as they arise… So healthy!  I just love it!  Anyway, he came back and all is well.  Brian apologized for our barky dogs and the neighbor apologized for handling the problem the way he did.  How lovely! It is amazing the peace with which we can live when at least one person can behave like a grown up.  And often that one person is my man-hero!


  1. I think it is "humina" or maybe "homina"...that sounds like "hominid," so that is weird. I'm glad that Brian still gets your motor going. Hehehe


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