Monday, October 17, 2011

My Ten Year Old

My baby turned ten!  I happened to have labored with her three nights in a row until she was finally born a Friday morning, so several days leading up to her birthday—not that she wasn’t counting down long before—we reminisced as a family about what we were doing ten years ago now…and now…and now!

For her party, we kept it wonderfully simple.  We had two of the sweetest girls over.  We all played a game together (Cranium Whonu) and ate pizza with Daddy as entertainment!  Who can beat that?  The girls and our boy laughed hysterically as my hero offered an impromptu juggling and magic trick show. The kids joined in by doing their own trick, playing assistant to the juggler and trying their own juggling skills.  So fun!

Our non-traditional element came with the the birthday cake—or didn’t!  Instead of cake, my daughter originally wanted crème brulee for dessert, but then changed her mind to the Korean cinnamon roll/doughnut hoedeuk and ice cream.  Her guests were game to try something new and it was a hit!

I love my daughter so very much and I walked through the week with great awareness of how blessed I am to have been given such a treasure that is my girl.  She is funny and smart, compassionate and talented.  To be an intimate witness to this beautiful young woman is more gift than I ever deserve.

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