Monday, October 31, 2011

Our House

We are short selling our home.  What an adventure this has been!  I am so thankful for the help we have received from our real estate agent.  She has a great personality that helps put us at ease through this whole ordeal, but she is also knowledgeable and experienced, so we feel pretty safe in her hands.

We got an offer on the house in August and were told that in 17 days the banks would respond.  Well…  That isn’t quite how it happened.  We waited and waited for a response from the bank regarding the offer, while fielding two to three letters per day, I kid you not, about foreclosures.  We even got a second offer for higher than the first and in cash, but still no acceptance from the bank.

Finally—October 20th, if anyone is counting—we got word that the bank counteroffered and the buyer accepted the counter on the same day—that is how to do it, folks!  We signed papers for that and now we are waiting for … I can’t even remember what the next step is.  The bank has to make another reply, I think.  When they do, I believe we have 30 days to move out.  It is our goal to be completely out of the house no later than January 18, though I don’t know how we can actually move that along.

It is nice to have some sort of a timeline now.  I have learned a lot about waiting this year, but hope that I can graduate and move to some other theme for the year 2012.  I feel plenty refined in this particular aspect.

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