Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our prayer

Our big prayer right now is in regard to Brian’s position at work. It seems the state is working out a major reshuffling of personnel on a statewide basis to bring balance to the staffing of each institution. Some are grossly understaffed, which means ridiculous (read: unsafe) amounts of overtime. Others are apparently overstaffed. Having only served at the former, I can’t even imagine what that is like.

So, in December the state is supposed to open all the vacant positions throughout the state for bidding based on seniority. That means it is possible that we could be leaving the area at the same time that we need to move out of this house!!

Before this possibility presented itself, it looked like we couldn’t even dream of leaving this area until 2014. We love so many people here and we are blessed with fantastic activities. But there are issues from which we can’t seem to move beyond because we live in such a small community—a small community with a prison mentality, no less. When lives are small, insults seem big. When there are no prospects beyond ‘these four walls,’ it suddenly becomes totally rational to stab a dude for eyeing your pudding.

And I guess I look at a lot of pudding. I am tired of glancing over my shoulder for the various ‘lifers’ who seem to have nothing better to do than involve themselves in the pettiness of small town prison life.  I want to be free!

Relying on the state to carry this out is nothing short of foolishness.  But I can rely on my God.  Will you pray with us?  We want a fresh start, more opportunities for our growing children and to be closer to our siblings.  This job transfer is the ticket.  Please pray for His will and His timing and for our faith and hope to grow.  Thanks!

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