Monday, November 21, 2011

A favorite

Today I get to do one of my new favorite things.  I am so excited and I look forward to each first and third Monday nowadays.  What’s the fuss?  The Young Marrieds Group!  It is so fantastic, these meetings.  The book we are currently discussing is the Five Love Languages, from which we get a lot of enjoyment and learning.  The kids are welcome and get along nicely at all the different houses, which is a real blessing.  And the people!  They are a real treat to us.  So much so that we, as the ‘leaders,’ feel a little guilty because we are having more fun than we probably should with them! 

There are just two other couples in the group, and all three couples (including ourselves) are in very different places in life and in marriage.  All our personalities are different and we share just a few interests in common.  Nothing on paper says that this group should be anything but awkward or boring.  Thankfully, with the Holy Spirit in the mix, nothing could be further than the truth!  This group has the best dynamics and I delight in each wonderful person.  I really delight watching each person delight in all the others.  These meetings would be cheesy mutual admiration adventures, except that all the delighting is authentic and spontaneous.

I have come to really love and care for this group and I can’t wait to gather with them.  I am counting down! 

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