Monday, November 14, 2011


I live with a bunch of clowns.  All of them love to be comedians, and I sometimes I just work to survive the hilarity, especially when we venture into the land of pratfalls and slapstick.  But more often than I like to admit, they really crack me up.
The other day my husband and I were watching TV together.  Our son came running into the kitchen to grab a towel, mumbling that ‘that was gross.’  Alarm bells went off when he began rubbing the carpet at the head of the hallway. 
My husband asked if he had thrown up.  Our son said that he hadn’t, but he was coughing with Gatorade in his mouth and… 
My husband said, ‘so you spit up?’ 
My son answered, ‘well, not technically.  Really I didn’t spit it.  I dropped it.’
Brian clarified, ‘…from your mouth!?”
Max affirmed, ‘Yes.  I dropped it from my mouth.’


  1. I would agree with Max. It wasn't considered "throw up" if it just dropped from his mouth.


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