Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Commandments

100APPLEIMG_0709We have a pretty neat Bible study book for school this year—we do every year, thanks to Sonlight.  Our assignment this time was to answer this questions:  What did God do to show the law was important. We were to read the chapter in Exodus (15 or 16, I can’t remember) and make a list.  First, God said if the people obey, they would be his holy people forever.  That is a pretty good motivator to get to know the law, huh?  Then we hear about the preparation to receive the law.  The people were to clean themselves for two days, abstain from sex and stay away from the mountain.  This is where I got distracted with a new thought of wonder. 

God’s power was descending to earth. This is a concept I haven't taken time to consider. The closest thing to which I can compare it is to have the sun coming to rest on the mountain that starts three blocks from my house. Even where it is, looking at the sun from this great distance can blind someone! Not because the sun is cruel or prideful, but because it is just that awesomely powerful. Now the One who made that powerful star (of many) was going to alight on a mountain! The people needed to keep some distance because our bodies simply aren't designed to withstand that much power.

When He came down, the mountain shook.  Of course!  This was a phenomenal thing.  God, Creator, Greatest of All was containing Himself to a bump on a marble that He kept on course through the vastness of space.  Imagine!

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