Friday, November 4, 2011

Interesting revelation (to me, anyway)

My daughter joined a local Frontier Girls troop.  She is having a blast earning badges and learning through hands-on activities.  She is cooking, baking, picking up litter, taking more responsibility with her pets and sewing.  Sewing.

I am proud of her and am so happy that she is feeling accomplished.  She is learning about food safety and expanding her culinary repertoire.  And sewing.  She has learned a lot about the needs and tendencies of both rabbits and dogs.  And sewing.  Dancing, geography and music badges are also coming her way.  And sewing.

You know what I have learned while my budding flower has been blossoming?  I hate sewing.  That is not overstating it, either.  I am not saying that I just prefer not to sew.  I am not saying that it is too hard for me.  I am not saying that it just isn’t my thing, or that I prefer other activities.  Nope.  I hate sewing.

100APPLEIMG_0492Don’t worry; I feel the proper amount of shame for choosing to eschew the poster ‘child’ of homemaking.  Sewing is great.  It is all about creativity, good stewardship, talent and skill.  You can make meaningful gifts for loved ones, contribute beautiful items to charities and provide the quality basics for your own family.  How can I pass on that?

Well, I can.  And I do.  I am grateful my girl likes it.  I am doubly grateful for our dear friend who teachers her—doubly is understating it, actually.  But I, I…I do not like sewing.  Not one little teeny bit!

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  1. Cindy,
    You are a jewel. I am so glad Maddie is enjoying all these activities. Sewing was one I loved to do when I was in school. Early on in my marriage it came in very handy as money was tight but I could still sew up the cutest dresses for my daughters. I won't say I loved to sew. But, I did enjoy how items turned out. I even sewed some really cute outfits for my Georgia granddaughter a few years back. So, encourage her to continue doing what she loves and continue doing what she needs to do even if she doesn't like it.


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