Thursday, November 3, 2011

Way to Save!

We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a free homeschool day!  We so often back out of these outings because of money and our dogs.  This time we just gritted our teeth to resist our natural tendencies.  We want our kids to have these experiences, so we scraped up the money in the midst of the chaos and took them to see the fishes.  And we praise the Lord for new friends who were willing to take our doggies for half a week.

More on that in another post.  What I want to share here is a miracle of money.  We planned this trip in tandem with my sister and her family.  She made the reservations for the hotel.  I got a call less than a week before we left.  She told me that she noticed the prices for the room went down, so she canceled our bookings and made new ones.

Then she called me an hour later to say that the priced dropped again!  Even better, the super cool room that they were getting was $10 less than the standard room I was getting, so she upgraded us to be her next door neighbor! 

So, before we even left our house, we saved $40!  Isn’t that cool?

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