Sunday, November 6, 2011


In both school and my private devotions, we are studying 1 Chronicles.  At the end of the book, David asks the Lord if he could build a permanent temple for Him.  He is so eager to do this, though.  It is almost funny.

David is told that he cannot build the temple, so in his excitement he can bring himself to obey only the letter of the law.  He draws up the building plans and gathers the supplies from all over the land.  He donates his own wealth and encourages others to do the same for the cause.  From fundraising to deciding the weights of the forks, David is the picture of micromanaging. 

David so anticipates the building of the temple that he appears to even abdicate the thrown!  Most kings die before their sons are crowned.  But David crowns his son and commissions him in front of all Israel to get to work.  That is dedication lacking all pride.  The Lord’s temple was more important than David’s kingship—something that hardly came easily to him.

In today’s society, these are considered negative traits and behaviors: controlling and micromanaging.  But I see in the response of Solomon a genuine and humble respect and shared love for the Lord.  Solomon carries out David’s plans and gives his father due credit for his efforts with the temple.

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