Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Star Trek

Are you a Treky?  A Trekker?  I am not sure that I can confirm or deny any of the fun titles.  I have been to a convention or two, and have seen probably every episode of most of the later franchises.  I can hardly stand the original, though, which makes me an unworthy geek in the minds of the die-hards. 

I haven’t watched any of the shows in a very long time, but right now I am watching Voyager with the kids.  I tried it a while ago and quit because of some of the sexual content.  Now we are trying again.  The kids are older and the sexual situations are conversation starters now.  They don’t come up too often, and the real treasure of the show is present in almost every episode.  What is that?  Oh, just more conversation starters, which are worth their weight in gold to families like us.  There is nothing more exciting than a good ‘what would you do?’

Even in situations that are more adult or significant to cultural references that don’t apply readily to our lives, I jump at the opportunity to let the kids receive bite-sized samples of those references with lots of time for questions and explorations. 

So, what would you do?

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