Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Sew-master

100APPLEIMG_0492Oh, the projects we have done!  My girl has just been floating on air since our friend gave her a sewing machine.  The thing has been smokin’ making everything under the sun.  The princess has created her own concoctions for her stuffed animals and has practiced decorative stitching on scarves and home-made hats.  She has, with the blessed aid of that cherished friend, also made several skirts.  For her Frontier Girls Troop membership, she made her vest and helped a friend learn how to sew her own, as well.

Her latest big project was a neat one.  It took longer than others, required several steps and lots of repetition, drilling the basic skills into her.  And she donated her work to the church for the craft fair fund-raiser.  I like the idea of her creating something to give away without thanks and being involved in the community.  Anybody wanna buy a potholder?



  1. Absolutely. I was just thinking that I needed new pot holders. I would love to buy some from her.

  2. It gives great JOY to sew with Madi! She pushes me (in a good way) to learn how to sew new things so that I can teach her:) And by the way the potholders have been very popular at the bazaar! We have already sold several sets. Thanks Madi. You did a GREAT job! (And thank you Brian and Cindy for letting me hang out at your house for 4 afternoons to work on this project).


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