Saturday, October 29, 2011

Road Trip

We just got back from a little road trip.  We ran to Reno for the day to have some family fun.  I grabbed some new hand soap from Bath and Body—my favorite little store with wonderfully nice people.  We always hit the game store, though most of the time I manage to stall my husband from buying anything by showing the online price of whatever has caught his eye.

My son has been walking on the threads of his sandals for longer than I care to admit, so we also hopped over to the shoe store to grab him some real shoes.  We bought him some inserts in the hopes of prolonging the life of the poor things.  He is famously rough on shoes, so I eagerly wait to see if these will be effective or not.

We rarely go to Reno without visiting Barnes & Noble, which was doubly necessary this time because my daughter had a gift certificate to spend.  What would she buy at a book store other than three stuffed animals?  Makes perfect sense to her.

We grabbed some food and litter for the rabbit before heading home.

Nothing exciting.  Just a day out of town, away from screens (our best and worst friends) and enjoying one another.  *sigh*  Contentment!

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