Thursday, October 20, 2011

My plan

We started school a few weeks ago and we are loving the new year.  I do want to finish the 36 week course in 36 weeks, though.  That doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for vacation, sick days and family visits.  So, I have a plan.

I have looked ahead at the daily schedule and made minor adjustments to the assignments to turn each five day week into a four day week.  One day we might double the Bible and poetry assignment.  Another day we will double the read-aloud.  The next we will double up on History.  No single day will be overwhelming, but just 20-30 minutes longer than usual—which will be the new usual.

With this plan, we should gain a day for each week of school we do, totaling a good 7 weeks in the end.  This should be enough wiggle room to accommodate most of our yearly distractions from the routine of school.

We will see how a possible move plays out when the time comes, but I do think this little plan should be a help in getting me near my 36-week school year goal.  I make my plans, but He directs my steps.

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  1. All weeks should be 4-day weeks, right? 3-day weekends. :)


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