Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Veddy Interesting!

We are studying Egypt in school right now and I am probably getting more out of it than my kids are.  I feel like I am learning things for the first time, even though we have done Egypt with Sonlight Core 1 twice already. 

I am also reading Exodus as part of my morning devotion.  This morning I caught something and understood it in a way that I never have before.  God says that Moses will be like God to Aaron and Pharaoh and Aaron will be like a prophet.  I have read this a hundred times before.  A human god is an impossibility in my mind, so I have just brushed passed it as a literary device—a simple simile.

But something that struck me this time came to me with the help of lessons we did in school last year.  We learned how the ten plagues all had a specific purpose related to revered Egyptian gods.  The One God was besting them in a very clear way.

So, this morning I remembered that there is another god the Egyptians worship: the Pharaoh himself.  So Moses the man as a god was something the people would truly understand and accept.  Now I see that it was more than just literary flair, but God v god manifested in the fleshly, material world!

God is amazing!

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