Sunday, April 22, 2012

Belated Birthday

Even though it was Wednesday, I can’t NOT post about my boy’s 13th birthday.  This is a special one and we were so thankful that things worked out for him to hang out with his cousins to celebrate.  We flew home from Texas on his birthday and my dad was keeping Katie’s kids.  We met up at Dad’s house, gathered the kids and went to Fuddruckers for lunch and milkshakes. 

Next was the Coconut Bowl, a favorite of my kids.  Bowling is fun, but my kids prefer the ball and climbing area; that is where they spent most of their time.  They also went through a laser maze, which was a blast to watch.  One at a time, the kids put on their best spy persona to work through a dark room filled with green laser lines to hit a button on the far side of the room.  After making their way back, touching the fewest of the lasers as possible, they hit another button while we cheered their efforts.  Each kid took two turns and would have done more.

While we would have loved to carry on for hours more, it was time to go home.  Katie had to drive over the pass on three hours of sleep and having gotten up at 2am that day.  I was so glad that Brian was there to get us home safely.  On the opposite side of the day than our tradition, I got to grab my big boy and snuggle with him while I told him his birth story.  So glad I didn’t miss out on that!

Happy Birthday, Max!!  I love you so much!

101APPLEIMG_1237 They are all getting so big.



  1. Did you get an email from me? Does Max read this?


  2. Yes and occasionally yes! Max sent a snail mail thank you card. Thank you so much for thinking of him and your generosity. :)



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