Friday, April 20, 2012

The trip to Texas


101APPLEIMG_1151Our trip was amazing, as only our Lord makes things.  I will include pics to tell the story.


After worrying about the weather over Donner Pass, we ended up both making it to Reno at the same time.  We shared a meal at Red Robin.  Katie and I went to our dad’s place while Brian took the kids home.


We got up early the next morning and breezed through security at the airport, with plenty of time to read the Bible and grab some coffee. 

101APPLEIMG_1157101APPLEIMG_1156The coffee proved to be a necessity when we couldn’t figure out how to even line up!  We saw the numbers available, which didn’t go all the way up to our own seating number.  It didn’t occur to us to look on the other side of the poles…


101APPLEIMG_1163101APPLEIMG_1160We flew out just as the sun rose over the overcast city.




101APPLEIMG_1165  Take us to Texas!





Here we are:

101APPLEIMG_1176101APPLEIMG_1180Bluebonnets in bloom the whole way between Austin and Harker Heights.

Diane’s house is on the hill in the middle left part of the picture. 


101APPLEIMG_1185101APPLEIMG_1186After a delicious burger we got right to work and tackled about half the boxes in the living room before bed.  Next day we hustled through the rest of the living room and got the best Korean food for dinner—or lunch.  I can’t remember now.  hamina hamina!


101APPLEIMG_1187101APPLEIMG_1190Saturday night we went to Diane’s church office for family game night.  You know when exhaustion has taken over when I laugh hysterically at absolutely nothing.  But the pictures prove I was not the only punchy game-player there.



Sunday was a day of rest.  We went to church, explored the city with Cher, had some Starbucks for some much needed caffeine.  We split up after the service.  Diane and I took her daughter Cherilyn back to her college while Diane’s son Christopher took Katie to visit our cousin.  We regrouped at the end of the day to watch The Help.


101APPLEIMG_1198 101APPLEIMG_1195


Katie and Cherilyn saying goodbye.



Cher and I making Katie jealous because we got the better trip.  Proof?  We got to love a buffalo. 






101APPLEIMG_1199  101APPLEIMG_1205So beautiful green!




Mass murder of the thousands of butterflies that flew in our path.






More tomorrow.  If I continue, my computer won’t load all these pics!!

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