Monday, April 9, 2012


The other day the kids and I were talking about sharing the Gospel with others.  We discussed ways to NOT do it, too.  We can’t approach with condemnation, or work to modify behavior.  Salvation is a heart thing, and the action only follows when the heart has been renewed by the Holy Spirit.  My older sister has actually called it a ‘very dangerous thing’ to change the behavior of unbelievers.  If we do this, they may believe that by ‘being good,’ or at least by ‘not doing bad,’ they have achieved salvation.  We may very well condemn the unsaved with this false teaching.

Our homeschooling curriculum has included many, many missionary biographies.  Our lives have been enriched to witness the work and love of people who’ve given their lives to share the Good News.  We have seen both good and bad examples of how to do this, too. 

One way that really resonates with us is to get to know the people personally before anything else.  What are their legends, beliefs, needs, joys and fears?  As you come to know the people, you point out the commonalities between the two of your beliefs.  You share Truth, and acknowledge that God has written that same Truth on every heart.

This is how Max put it: 

The best way to connect with others is to paint with their own colors.


  1. Concepts that escape many adult Christians. Good job, homeschooling momma (and daddy, too!)

  2. I love Max's analogy- paint with their colors!

  3. Sounds good. I was taught to call it Friendship Evangelism.


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