Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Trip—the conclusion

101APPLEIMG_1208101APPLEIMG_1209Monday we got back to work.  We got to meet up with Diane’s friend, whom we all cherish and love deeply.  We had lunch at the Freebirds where Cher and her fiancé originally met and then headed back to the house to continue our work.  We finished the living room, the garage, the office/laundry room.  101APPLEIMG_1206Things were looking really good. But there was still a little left.  We checked with the airline and discovered we could change our flight home from Tuesday to Wednesday without a change in the prices.  We called home to see how husbands felt and if childcare was available.  It all worked out, so the decision was made to stay one more day.  Diane went to Bible study and we started in on her bedroom.  After that, at 9 pm, we headed out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

We had a mini-adventure with a cricket that managed to jump on every glass and every food item on our table—not to mention on each of us.  Our waitress was perky for so late at not, but not particularly responsive to the fact that Diane had a trapped live cricket under a bread basket and it still galls me that Diane paid full price.  I have to say the food was excellent.  If you get the opportunity to hear either sister tell the story, take them up on it.  They tell it quite well.


101APPLEIMG_1211101APPLEIMG_1213Next day we got to play for a longer time with Diane’s friend and we focused on clothes.  The laundry room had both machines running for four or five days straight.  Now Katie was busting her tail getting everything put away.  I petered out and spent a lot of time laughing on Diane’s bed with a trash bag tied in my hair.  I thought I made it look really good.  Why people don’t seriously worry about me more, I don’t know… Jen fixed Diane’s tiara several times.  Katie (and the other sisters) worked most of the time with a dust mask to help combat the dust and animal hair


101APPLEIMG_1229We spent that night laying on the couch watching TV, soaking up our last evening together.  We didn’t head for bed until after midnight.  We packed and slept a little while, rising just before 4 am to get ready for the flight home.  Austin is certainly bigger than little Reno.  We realized that standing in line for security.  We got through and still had time for Bible.  The flight home was easy and we were thrilled to see family with a giant sign Madi designed to welcome us.  We were home!


  1. Have you a single photo of me where I look young, happy, perky, or am at least smiling??

  2. You do look good! And you told me that I could post any picture of you ever! Your phone and Katie's phone have good pictures, too. I took a ton of shots from the plane and hardly any at the house. What was I thinking?



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