Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ooof! Change of plans

airplaneI spent some time on the phone with sisters yesterday to nail down semi-concrete plans for our trip with the kids to visit Diane.  Well, Brian was right!  We just can’t pull it off with $2000.  I have upped our goal and we have decided to fly both ways.  As expensive as that is, it is cheaper than renting a van and driving out, especially considering food and at least one overnight stop on the way.  The whole reason for driving was to hit some cool places on the way, which would only add to the price tag.  So, we fly! 

The other big change is the time.  We were aiming for June, but now it looks like a late July visit is the best choice.  It will give Diane time to heal, us time to save and we can celebrate two cousin birthdays all together.  We sure appreciate your prayers and encouragement as we work to this goal.  It is a lot of fun sharing with you!

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  1. Flying really is the way. Fuel costs have sky rocketed. That is why we aren't going to get to drive out this year. You can reach your goal.


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