Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am home! Thank you.

Well, I had these grand plans to write each day while I was at my sister’s…

That didn’t quite work out.  Before I do tell about our trip, I want to say thank you to everyone who is helping us through this journey.  When we first got the call about a new growth in my sister’s brain, I went to my church for prayer.  That same day, we got $250 from different ‘departments’ in that church!  I was blown away.  I knew my church would pray.  That is what they do best.  But there is so much hurting, so many sick and the economy has hit most of the members pretty significantly.  A financial gift was absolutely unexpected.

But that isn’t where it stopped.  Friends and strangers have donated money, sent encouraging messages and held us up in prayer.  Originally, I considered this situation both private and nearly mundane in nature.  While wholly consuming and important to my family, I thought this was of no concern or interest to anyone else—or of only mild concern while people dealt with their own family dramas.  Time and again, the Lord showed me that people do care and that this matters.

Thank you, all, who helped make this little trip possible.  My dad paid for the plane ticket.  My sister and her husband fed us magnificently.  Diane’s friend came by to keep up morale.  Katie’s friends watched her children so that she could be away for a week.  My husband called in sick a couple of days to be with the kids and friends watched them when he did go to work.  I had another friend who was eager to help with the kids, as well.  How wonderful to have more help than was needed!  Diane’s kids skipped classes to be home to help out.  Cherilyn scoured her brother’s bedroom so that we could sleep there in spite of Katie’s allergies.  Christopher helped with big things and took Katie out to visit our cousin and to a classic Texan dining experience.   

I am sure I am forgetting people.  I remember mostly when falling asleep and thanking our Lord for His greatness.  Our flights were uneventful.  The layover and plane change went smoothly.  David’s days off lined up perfectly to get us to and from the Austin airport.  All our travels in Texas and Reno were safe, in spite of storms.  The kids did well without us, while still missing us.  We got the cleaning done, the unpacking done and playtime to boot.  No one got sick.  Katie’s body resisted the allergies.  The humidity didn’t kill me.  And we are still going to take the kids for our originally planned trip! 

Thank you for your prayers and for caring.  It means so very much to me.

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