Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Best Birthday

Man, my family helped me feel so precious this birthday!  Starting before my birthday, my husband and kids made a big deal about wrapping my presents so prettily.  And then they set them out on the coffee table for days—to tempt me!  It was such a pretty scene, I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture. 

101APPLEIMG_1002I woke up on my birthday and heard my girl bustling in the kitchen to make me breakfast.  She came in with our son and they brought me waffles and milk with a card.  So I ate, finished reading my Bible and showered in peace.  When I came out of my room, I was urged to the living room to where my daughter set up a throne of sorts on the couch in front of the presents and adorned me with a crown.101APPLEIMG_1001

I read the terrific cards and opened two beautiful necklaces from my kids.  My son got me my birthstone and my daughter got a Mom locket.  My older sister sent me the most beautiful green turtle earrings (my favorite color and favorite animal).  Then I got to open the gifts from my husband.  He got me The Help movie and a Kitchen Aid!!!  I have been wanting that for ten years!  So COOL!

101APPLEIMG_1003I got to talk with both sisters, watch the awesome movie, shovel the drive way (no white Christmas, but I got a white birthday) and then we went to church.  A friend gave me a cute birthday card and a hug right when we saw each other.  There was an engagement party for a young couple, but many came to say happy birthday to me.  The day before was the birthday of another in the young marrieds group and the church sang to us during the meeting.  I loved having the time with friends!

I felt super loved!

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