Friday, January 27, 2012

that settles it: God does love me!

I wrote about my fabulous birthday earlier.  I got the best gifts and was loved on all day.  I was a little ashamed and never would have admitted that a couple of days later I did think that I had really wanted a waffle iron and would need to hope I got one for my anniversary or something.  So selfish!  I batted the thought away and left it alone.

But then….

A box came!!

I opened it and made some sort of weird noise, I guess, because Madi came running over asking what was wrong.  I angled the box for her to see and had a big smile on my face.  She sighed and rolled her eyes, then complained, “You have too many excited sounds.  You need to have only one, so I know it is excited and not something bad!”  Wow! 

Now my waffle days will not be waffle days!!!  I can make them in a third of the time it takes me normally.  I am so jazzed!

If that weren’t enough, I talked with my sister who sent the gift.  The reason she got it was because she got an email, of all things, saying that there was a waffle iron on sale—the one that just happened to be on my wish list!  The one that is not actually sold by Amazon, so it doesn’t qualify for free two day shipping, but became over half off with free two day shipping!!!  Wow kazow, right?  And, within one day, the sale and the shipping deal were gone.

God totally loves me!

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