Sunday, January 1, 2012


Our little girl has had the hardest time with the move.  My older sister has been a true source of comfort to her.  In one of their frequent phone conversations, my sister told Madi that she would write a poem for her.  Here it is!  My sisters are both so amazingly talented, it blows my mind!



  1. The flowers are cosmos. Along with marigold, they are the October birth-flower.

    They were also the flowers that lined the road we often walked in Korea. You can see them in some of those photos posted on Facebook.

    I am encouraging Madilyn to write her feelings about both the old and new houses. I would love to see what she creates.

  2. I did not know that. I went to in to ask Madi to do just that and this is what she came back with. She said, "Aunt Diane was right. I feel better after writing my feelings out."

    My old home was warm and cozy. I felt safe. My new home is beautiful. I feel so weird, though. But I know now that no matter where I am God will always be there.


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