Friday, January 20, 2012

First Snow! Finally!

In moving to this area, we moved up in elevation enough to make a significant difference in the amount of snow we can anticipate.  In fact, that seems to be what this little area is known for, judging from the singular reaction we get when we tell people where we live.  We know that we don’t know what we are getting into—another perk to renting!  If we hate it, we aren’t committed to this forever.

So, moving the week before Christmas, we figured we’d get a taste of winter soon after moving in—we had even seen predictions of snow for the day of our move.  Not a flake!  And in spite of continued predictions, we haven’t seen a flake the month we have been here.

But yesterday morning we woke to beautiful snow!  What a glorious way to school, snuggled on the couch, looking at snow falling through tall pines!  It’s good for the soul, I tell you.  We didn’t get so much that I was prevented from going to Bible study, thanks to a girl friend who picked me up and her husband who drove me home.  We were even able to host a visit from friends who hadn’t yet seen our new place.

It continued to snow through the night, so I got up with Brian to shovel him out for work this morning.  That is probably one of my favorite forms of exercise, so that is a terrific way to begin the day.  I came in after finishing and seeing Brian off to read my Bible.  Now we begin another glorious day!

Be blessed! 

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