Monday, January 23, 2012

Circle of life?

When babies are newborn, they cry a lot—countless times a day.  As they gain understanding and communication skills, they tend to cry less often.  They grow further and learn a little about perspective and perseverance (and patience) and a happy couple can go increasing spans of time without any tears.  It is pretty exciting to watch a little one gain maturity; and the fewer spells make for a more peaceful home!

Following this path, one might think that my kids’ grandpa’s assertion that “Big Kids Don’t Cry” is true.  But then again, maybe all the sex-related stereotypes have some grounding in truth.  My tough little girl, who got shots and even her ears pierced without flinching is currently crying about once a day—for what often seems like no reason at all.  Even she is perplexed as she cries, ‘I DON’T KNOW!” to questions regarding the cause of the sudden emotional cloudbursts.

The sad thing is that I can hardly help her seeing as how, depending on what time of the month is it, I am characterized by the exact same behavior!  In fact, there are days where I aspire to crying just once. 


  1. Sounds like someone I used to deal with every day. I think it has to do with oxytocin. JIMHO.


  2. Sometimes I just want to tell her it is not HER turn to cry. lol

  3. She seems a little young, but,. . . is puberty on its way? All those hormones raging and not really understanding them.

  4. Oh, yes. She has been steadily developing for about a year.

  5. If I didn't cry inconsolably for no reason, how would I know that my period was due?? Don't take that away from me. LOL!

  6. I sadly relate to that all too well, Diane!


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