Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The title?

This post can have a few different titles.  The Ugly Truth, The Truth Hurts, Ignorance is Bliss or Math Sucks!shock

In earlier posts, you may have read my raving about our Young Marrieds group.  The people in our group are terrific.  I just love them and enjoy their company immensely. 

Now, we are a little older than the other members.  We knew this going in, considering the nature of the group.  We have had fun with joking over pop culture references that some of us get, and others don’t. 

Well, tonight I did a little math….  I realized that my darling husband is old enough to be our youngest member’s FATHER!!!  And she is closer in age to our son than she is to US!  Holy molasses.

That is just horrifying.  Why on earth do they want to hang out with old fogies?  And how on earth did WE ever become old fogies??  Tell me!


  1. Nice, Mom. lol

    On another note, I have learned how to reply to the comments. As long as I do it immidiately after approving them, I get a chance. Otherwise, I can't get my own comments to go through. :)


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