Saturday, January 28, 2012

What a fantastic day!

Yesterday was wonderful!  We started with our now-standard praise music with morning chores, prayer and memory verses (and plenty of dog-snuggles).  Then we moved right into school.  After some great discussions, we finished in time to get a little independent work done, plus cleaning the mess that is school.

For lunch our precious friend brought our favorite lunch—Port of Subs—and we enjoyed each others’ company while we ate.  Then we went on a walk (with our naughty dogs, it seems like more of a wrestle than a real walk.  At least I have good kids.) around the neighborhood while the kids played at the park. 

(Have I mentioned I live in a secret paradise?  We have a park a block away and a sledding hill three blocks away.  The lake is less than 15 minutes up the road. The wind in the pines in our backyard sounds like the ocean.  Plus we seem to be the only local place that is getting snow this winter.)

We came back to the house to thaw our ears and played Just Dance 3 that our friend brought to share.  That was so fun and a great way to warm up!  Then we settled down; the kids took turns on the computer, Madi sewed a pillow and we ladies watched The Help.  Man, I might like that story too much!

I ended my day with a shower and a bubble bath.  Ahhhhh! I fell asleep listening to my kids reading The Scripture Sleuth to one another.  That is a great series about a boy who solves mysteries using the Bible.  The reader learns what happens, finds the verse in the Bible that is the clue and solves the mystery.  Max read the stories while Madi did the sword drill.  At 11:11 I had to tell them lights out.  I love having to tell my kids to stop reading!

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