Monday, January 16, 2012

No Pressure

We were driving to church last night and having a good time teasing one another.  Out of the blue, Brian asks Max, “How do you plan to control your wife?”  What?  I totally deserve gifts for holding my tongue after that one!  My husband sometimes positively delights in mischief.  I was so focused on keeping myself quiet, it took me a moment to realize how quiet Max was being.

We drove several blocks until he finally answered, “I’m still twelve, right?”  After laughing at his attempt to dodge the question, Brian started a slightly more serious conversation with him, asking if he has thought at all about what type of woman he wants to marry and how they will get along.  Max was still a little uncomfortable being nailed down on specifics.

To his mercy his sister finally jumped in with, ‘He has eight more years to think about this.’  That settled us all down and we joined in assuring Max that there was plenty of time. 

Then, quietly, Madi added almost under her breath, “and five days, 26 minutes and …5 seconds.”  That is pretty specific!


  1. What date does she have in mind for him to marry?? She might want to run that by her sister-in-law-to-be!

    1. It was rather exact, wasn't it?


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