Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We are studying genetics in science now.  Carrying out extrapolations based on what we could observe in ourselves, we figured out Brian’s dominance and excessiveness in certain traits.  Madi and I can both roll and flip our tongues.  Max can do neither.  With the information that rolling the tongue is dominant, we figured out that Daddy must carry at least one recessive gene for that.

As we read further in our book, I slowly had the kids adopt more scientific language for what we were doing.  Mendel’s pea plants were denoted with capital and lower case letters (T for tall, t for not tall).  So, we went through the process of guessing Daddy’s genes for free or attached earlobes, using F for free, and f for attached.  In speaking these terms, I used ‘big F’ and ‘little f.’  Again, Madi and I were the same, with out attached earlobes, so we both have two little fs.  Max’s earlobes, however are free.  We know he could only get a little f from me, which means he had to have gotten his earlobes from his dad.  Without thinking, I loudly announced, “So we now know Daddy is a Big F!”

Is it a good thing when lessons end due to breathless, tearful laughter?

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