Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Get them on the boat

One of the verses in Colossians that we used in the books the kids made instructed that you ‘conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders.  Let your speech have grace.’

We talked about what this means.  Essentially, we aren’t supposed to spew judgment and condemnation on unbelievers.  We are supposed to emphasize the grace of God.  The image of the Christian in American society is often a pretty ugly one—trying to control behavior, standing superior to the whole world; the ultimate in self-righteous prig-dom. 

We drew on the common nautical analogy to better understand what we ought to do.  The Christian is in a boat and sees an unbeliever drowning.  What to do but throw him the Jesus life saver?  But if you do it while hollering, ‘You stupid idiot!  You aren’t supposed to tread water like that!  How did you get in the water in the first place?  You really should clean your clothes before you get in my pretty boat!’

We must be aware that none of us really wants to live with the fact that someone might actually choose to drown rather than get in our boat.

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