Thursday, May 17, 2012

Turtle Bay

We have been able to go to Turtle Bay several different times over the years.  Most often we go with a school group with lots of little ones.  I have always enjoyed each trip.  This time was special, though.  We went with just family—our friend Amy came along, but she counts as family, so …she doesn’t count. As I was saying, just family, with grown kids, offers a very different experience.  In the past, I tended to chase after and herd kids. This time, I was able to really engage in the activities and actually became absorbed in what we were doing. 

As fun as it was this week, I couldn’t help but go look at photos of previous trips.  Look at how darling they were!101APPLEIMG_1351kidsrock tour 009








101APPLEIMG_1352kidsrock tour 011101APPLEIMG_1355










KidsROCK 005KidsROCK 011


101APPLEIMG_1345On our way!  There is Mt. Lassen Peak.






101APPLEIMG_1360101APPLEIMG_1357Chocolate Coma…






I think this was the favorite spot: feeding the birds.  They were full of color—literally and figuratively.



Next up: the butterflies.  I want a garden like this!


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