Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Visiting and Rehearsing

Today I get to run out of town with a friend.  We also will spend the first of several night rehearsing for Madi’s recital this Saturday.  Just about a week ago she got to do a dry run with the one dance she is still struggling to nail down.  She danced at the local Children’s Fair.  I was so thankful to our friend Amy for taking us to the fair and sitting through the sometimes chaotic mini-show.  I have some cute pictures to share, plus a few more from around the house.
Picture 006101APPLEIMG_1317I took this picture of Max on the coffee table because the sight just made me laugh.  This is how Max has perched on this table since he was old enough to climb on top of it.  It used to freak people out because they thought he would fall.  But Max’s balance has always been impeccable.  So now the thirteen year old still perches rather than sits.

Picture 007Picture 008
This is why our computer chairs have no arms.  While he was capable of balancing, the arms weren’t capable of bearing his increasing weight over the years.  I suppose the manufacturer hadn’t anticipated Max.

Our backyard is really great.  It is peaceful and comfortable.  These hammocks have been such a blessing and I love to see them cradling my family.  Don’t they look cozy?

I saw a funny suggestion on Facebook the other day and the photos below is us trying to carry it out.  The idea is to get people to pose for photos pressed up against glass.  Then you use the photos in your contacts, so that when that person calls, their photos pop up and it looks like your friends are stuck inside your phone.  Even the dog got in on it.
Here are the promised ballet pictures from the fair.  Check out Max’s rockin’ hair cut!


Last picture.  This is Madi konked out on Benadryl on our last Amazing Race night.

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