Sunday, May 20, 2012

We have a plan!

I am well aware how a plan can be just smoke and mirrors when reality sets in, and our Lord has been so faithful in saving us from our foolish plans time and again.  Over the past 18 months, God has put a real peace in my heart while I exist in limbo.  That is a miracle!  None of that stops me from getting excited when there is something relatively concrete for which we can prepare: a plan.

So many things have factored into what has resulted in a vague life these last few months.  No transfers from Brian’s institution will even be considered until 2014.  But two opportunities popped up in defiance of the doomsayers.  But there is also a policy that forces anyone who has transferred from this institution anytime in the last TEN years to choose to either come back or quit entirely.  We want our kids to have some opportunities to beef up their college applications with activities, extracurricular and sports.  Unfortunately, where we live now just doesn’t have those opportunities.  We want our kids to go to a good college.  Allowing for them to live at home would save lots of money we don’t have.  If they go to Reno, we would have to pay the out of state tuition. 

All of these have just raised questions we haven’t been able to answer for many, many months.  Should Brian transfer and risk being forced back at any given moment with less than 30 days’ notice?  Should we move to Reno and have Brian commute the 90 mile deadly highway through all seasons? And if we move, how will we afford the $600/month commute?  Should we just stay put?  If so, for how long?  What about the kids? 

Finally, we made a decision.  By July 2014 we will move to Reno.  Because of a lease, it looks like we need to move in the month of July.  This July we are hoping to travel to Texas, which is monumentally important.  So, next July is our move-deadline.  If we can afford it and work around a lease, we would move earlier.

Not all the details about how to make it work have been worked out.  We do believe that with the cost of living being so much more affordable in Reno, we would easily absorb the commute cost, though we hope to get a commuter car—both for gas mileage and so that we are not left without a car all day long in another city.  We will establish residency before Max will need/want to begin college classes if we move by July ‘14.  Reno has gymnastics, swimming and tae kwon do and local 4H programs.  It also has churches where we are fervently praying to find a home where all four of us can serve within our gifts and passions.  Our kids—specifically our son—might have several friends and social opportunities again!  The wonder of it all is almost intoxicating.  I am excited about the future for the first time in a long time.

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