Sunday, May 6, 2012

In the month of May

We have a fun May planned.  Yesterday we went to the Children’s Fair.  Madi danced in a mini-recital.  Her real recital is in two weeks, and she is doing a dance with another class—one full of girls she doesn’t know.  Yesterday was a good opportunity to dance with them and see where she fits.  She isn’t fully recovered from her congestion, but she is a trooper and did a great job yesterday.

We finish school this month, which frees us up for some extra play time in the area.  This school year has been terrific.  The subject matter (History of the World—ancient to about the Elizabethan times) hasn’t been AS interesting as the year prior (Eastern Hemisphere History), but we have enjoyed it and learned a lot nonetheless.  We start the new school year June 7, so we plan to soak up our break with relish!

We finish up the Amazing Race this month, too.  I realize a TV show probably shouldn’t be on the list of a month’s activities, but we make it an event each week with our friends, so it counts.  Young marrieds is starting a new book and adjusting the format of our meetings to be a little more focused.  I look forward to seeing how this blesses the marriages and the group as a whole.

Madi will be earning an art badge this month with her Frontier Girls’ Troop through a couple of classes.  The Troop will also be making care packages for soldiers at our general meeting in a few weeks. 

Another thing I am super excited about is going to Turtle Bay in Redding.  I am excited about the destination, but I am also just excited to be going somewhere with the kids.  When our homeschool group was active, we used to do a tour at least once a month.  Imagine that—for eight years we went on a minimum of 12 field trips per year.  All of a sudden it stopped.  So, this will be neat to be out and about again.  As for Turtle Bay itself, there is a chocolate exhibit, parrots, butterflies, brain teasers and an animal show.  Add the park, the sundial bridge and hitting it all before the 100+ temperatures of Redding summers, and we have a hit!

We continue to have dinners with friends, the recital I mentioned earlier and Brian’s brother is visiting with his fiancé.  With them we plan to hit a few local places to play like Burney Falls, the Subway Caves and maybe Hobo Camp.

Not a bad calendar, huh?

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