Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Living and laughing

We had this wild (for us) carousing (for us) night with some friends.  I had my walking playlist on, which is a little more peppy than my usual praise music repertoire.  It seems that the music coupled with late night sugars from cookies, brownies or ice cream was enough to set us all off on the sillies.  My girlfriend and I both ended up in tears from laughing too hard at least once each through our evening of card games.

At one point Neil Diamond came on to sing a rousing rendition of his song Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show.  It got me excited, and my hands shot up in the air as I became Brother Love himself.  One glance at Brian’s unsmiling and quickly shaking head made me realize my little chair dance wasn’t wholly appropriate for the entire group and I was pretty embarrassed.   After collecting myself, we continued with the game.

After our friends left, I told Brian how embarrassed I had been and Madi wanted to know why.  While I was giving a proper explanation about dancing styles and propriety, Brian looks her straight in the eye and says (with full body language to be sure his meaning was perfectly clear), “Mommy has big boobs.  And when she shakes her shoulders her boobs can fly all over the place.  I was worried she might get black eyes if she didn’t stop dancing.”  Nice.  From his fourth word, our sweet girl had her mouth gaping as widely as it could open in stunned laughter.  By the last word, she was on the floor gasping for breath.

How awesome to have great friends with whom we can lose all sense of dignity.

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