Saturday, May 5, 2012

Random conversations

Max and Madi were working on a writing project together. It took them about an hour yesterday, which would normally reduce my girl to tears.  She was reading Hebrews until they came to an encouraging sentence. Then he dictated it to her and she wrote it—he wrote, as well, but could do it while dictating.

I sat on the couch to become the proverbial fly on the wall.  I listened to them make decisions together, help each other out, clarify and joke. 

At one point Max leaned over to her paper and rewrote something for her. She sighed and said, "How on earth can you write with your left hand and in a fist?!" He answered, "Well, I'm left handed and never learned to hold my pencil the funny way."   I think it is funny that he thinks the correct and most common hand position is just funny.

Later, Max gave this advice to Madi: “If you don't know how to spell ‘holy,’ you can just stab the paper a bunch of times and people might get the point.” Double pun!!  Gotta love that!

I so enjoyed that hour out of the day.  They make each other laugh so easily.  They are honest (“My joke was funnier than yours”), encouraging, patient and just seem to genuinely enjoy each other.

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