Monday, December 27, 2010

Brag Time

Have I mentioned before my son is a genius?  He wrote a song this evening.  It wasn’t an assignment—in fact, I haven’t assigned writing to my son in a very long time. 

So here is his first song:


A bird is in the tree...

See how he sings effortlessly!

How I wish I could sing like he

Free in all that can be!

The bird is beautiful

Isn't hard to pull

a song like that from your lungs?

The bird is lovely!

He sits there, singing to me!

The bird sings from his heart

as he goes along with his part.

How I wish I could sing like he!

Then how happy I could be!

Not to be outdone, and inspired by the work he put into it, my daughter wanted to try her hand at this song writing business. 


The wind that blows in my hair

The wind that blows on my face

The wind blows everywhere

No matter where I walk!

You can't see it

But you know that it's there!

Because you can see it whip around the trees

You can see it make some flowers bow

And you know it's there

Because you can feel it!

You can see it

blow around things.

I'd hug it if I could

But even if I could

I would lose my grip

and fall

I see the wind

Blow around those things

And I know it's there!

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